Walnut Shell Polishing Media(dry Polishing)

Walnut Shell Polishing Media(dry Polishing)
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Shuanglin Hengxing, one of the leading China walnut shell polishing media(dry polishing) manufacturers and suppliers, is waiting for you to purchase low price walnut shell polishing media(dry polishing) from our factory.

Walnut Shell polishing  media(dry polishing) different sizes are  available on request
Walnut Shell is soft blasting media  processed from natural hard fibers of walnut or corn. The major advantage is  that fragile components can be cleaned without marking or etching the  components' blasted surfaces.
It  is suitable for cleaning auto mobile super chargers and turbine blades,  removing unwanted flash residue produced during the molding process from  semi-conductor integrated circuit package lead frames without damaging or  pitting the package surface. They are also used in power generation stations,  turbine overhaul factories and the aerospace industry.
Besides these, walnut Shell is widely used for cleaning molds, motor armatures  and motor drives prior to rewinding. Corncob is very light, soft and absorbent.  It can be used for cleaning delicate surfaces or brass/brick/stone/wood,  engines and engine components as well as mass finishing processes for drying  and absorbing water, oil or wax from processed parts and also for fine polishing or brightening of parts.