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Single Disc Metallographic Grinding Polishing Machine (GP-1B)

Single Disc Metallographic Grinding Polishing Machine (GP-1B)


Shuanglin Hengxing, one of the leading China double disk automatic centrifugal disc polishing and grinding machine manufacturers and suppliers, is waiting for you to purchase low price double disk automatic centrifugal disc polishing and grinding machine from our factory. Double Disk Automatic...





Our goal is to become the national top manufacturer of vibratory finishing, Vibratory Polishing Machine for Metal Burnishing, Centrifugal deburring Machine, and to become one of the top ranking producers in the international market. As a modern company, we need to not only establish a corporate philosophy of all things for customers, but also focus on the concept of mutual customer service within the company. We are full of energy to meet the challenge of occupying the industrial highland in the future. We take 'win by quality, be responsible for customers, let customers satisfied' business philosophy to provide competitive price advantage and product added value for our customers.

Shuanglin Hengxing, one of the leading China double disk automatic centrifugal disc polishing and grinding machine manufacturers and suppliers, is waiting for you to purchase low price double disk automatic centrifugal disc polishing and grinding machine from our factory.

Double Disk Automatic Centrifugal Disc Polishing and Grinding Machine

Applicable to all industries of metal, non-metal materials such as stamping parts, machining parts, casting, heat treatment, for surface deburring, descaling, chamfering, polishing and other processes.With multi-function, this line machine is a high efficient polishing system. 




Centrifugal disc finishing machines are characterized by high energy processing.The machines provide extremely intensive processing.Compared to conventional vibratory finishing, centrifugal disc machines offer up to 10 times higher finishing performance. The machines are well suited for removal of strong burrs and intensive radiusing of small and mid-sized parts.



Working principal:

The centrifugal force for rotating disc moves components and media upward to the processing bowl while offering high kinetic energy to move forward. As components and media relative movement and kinetic energy loss on the way, the mass falls back at the centre of rotating disc where centrifugal force move it again.

The process parameter can be varied according to disc RPM, water level in the work bowl, media to be used as well as compound to be used, so the processing result can be vary from gentle surface grinding and polishing to fast deburring processing.

Compared with conventional vibratory finishing machine, the centrifugal disc finishing machine provide 10 to 20 times of higher productivity in respect of product production capacity.


1. Processing bowl

The water proof, blasting strengthened high precision disc bearing with easy adjustment of gap

The PU material is made from USA DuPont with High wear resistant for lining of disc and processing bowl

Stainless steel water/compound tap for constant supplying of compound and water rinsing.

2. Intermediate vibratory hopper

Intermediate vibratory hopper controlled by PLC programme which accommodate with processing bowl media discharging

Optional PLC controlled hydraulic up and down tilting for easy unloading

Optional anti sticking hopper texture for thin and precision parts

3. Vibratory screen

Optional vibratory speed control with inverter for motor

Multi-screen, easy to change screen available for different components

Extended screen is available

4. Media return conveyor

Powerful vibratory media return conveyor with pneumatic horizontal movement

Optional removal of undersize media

5. Hydraulic Station

Centre hydraulic station for all movement which involve hydraulic movement including loading hopper, intermedia conveyor as well as processing bowl

6. Water/compound dosing system

PLC controlled water and compound supply

Recycling model/flow-through model available

Clean water rinsing function available

7. Electric Control box

Fully automation system controlled by PLC programme with touch screen

Multiple programmes available for different components

Error message for alarming

Variable parameter display for each movement

8. Media/parts loading hopper

Transfer of media and components from hopper to processing bowl gently

Optional spray for anti-adhesion of components

Technical parameter:




Workparts weight/batch

Media weight/batch

Polishing time(min)

Auxiliary time(min)









Our company have accumulated rich practical experience in Single Disc Metallographic Grinding Polishing Machine (GP-1B) technology research and development with strong professional advantages based on relevant professional technical research and talents, and integrated the high-quality technical advantages of world-class companies. We concerned about the introduction of foreign investors and strategic partners as a major impetus to development of our company. We have always paid attention to the advancement of product technology and the cultivation of scientific and technological talents and staff quality.
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