Waste Water Recycling Treatment Equipment

Waste Water Recycling Treatment Equipment
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Shuanglin Hengxing, one of the leading China waste water recycling treatment equipment manufacturers and suppliers, is waiting for you to purchase low price waste water recycling treatment equipment from our factory.

Waste Water Recycling Treatment Equipment Jet Flow Air Flotation Machine For Industrial Oily Wastewater Seperation



The main function of YM series high efficient jet flow  air flotation purification machine (degreaser) is remove oil and suspended matter in the sewage, which is improved to be series air floation purification machine by our company using foreign technique. Its predecessor equipment is invented by American WEMCO on 1980 ,this equipment is rectangle tank, the entrance and exit of water is setup in both ends of tank, the top of tank install 4 motors ,this motors will drive respectively impeller in trough form into 4 grade aeration, both sides of flotation cell installed scraper used in scrape oil, then the motor drive the scraper to achieve the purpose of oil-water separation by scraping the flotation oil .

The jet flow air flotation purification machine( degreaser) has widely used in each big coking plant and Oil Refinery in nationwide,it has obvious remove effect in dealing with Surplus ammonia, Phenol cyanide wastewater,tar in Washing-rich liquid, oil in discharge water of offsite, mainly solved the puzzle question of ammonia distillation tower and heat exchanger blocking constantly which will affect normal production.